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Designer & Creator (2014-2016)
Social Network Concept
A social network with a twist. Sharing either a thought, story or a quote, it allows users to express anything they have on their mind; whether it be a story about their daily journey, or a quirky quote they heard today.
Allowing users to share images, gifs and video, Heatwist is based around a responsive UI designed to work on any device, anywhere.
Chick Café
University Project
Designed to be a team project consisting of 6 people, it resulted in being a single-handed implementation. I was initially listed as the deputy manager + head programmer, but it soon became clear that I had to undertake more roles. I proactively led the team, undertook design and analyst roles, and implemented the entire system alone, from the GUI to server-side coding.
The login details for a customer, normal staff member, manager and the owner are available on the website.
Minion Massacre
Android, Android Wear & iOS Application
(Removed from app store)
A 2D arcade style infinite runner. Based on the popular Minions, developed in Unity3D, the game incorporates two distinct playing modes; the infinite 'Zen' mode and the classic level-based.
Android Application
Can compute matrices (support up to 4x4) and is able to sketch functions as a graph, allowing the user to dynamically interact with the graph. More features include a scientific calculator, RPN calculator, quadratic equation solver, numerical integration, unit conversions, mechanics, statistics and more.
Calc Wear
Android Wear Application
An Android Wear port of Calc+. It can compute basic and scientific calculations, solve matrices (support up to 4x4) and more with designs tailored for both rectangular and round watch faces.
Motion controlled Pac-Man
Java based
Within the first 2 weeks of university, he produced a Pac-Man game. Written in Java, the Pac-Man moved according to the position of the player's head. This won him the Dean's prize, surpassing more than 200 other students.